5 Steps To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Clients

5 Steps To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Clients

Ready to convert more of your website visitors into paying clients in five simple steps?

Here is a trusted plan to convert more visitors into paying clients.

  1. High Converting Website
  2. Lead Capture
  3. Nurturing Sequence
  4. Landing Page
  5. Sales Page
  6. Follow Up Sequence

Let’s dig deep into each of these five steps.

High Converting Website
The biggest reason websites do not produce enough high quality prospects is because they are a simple brochure of products and services offered.  Maybe a bio of the owner, location info and that’s it.  It simply does not inspire someone to take action.

To turn your existing website into a lead machine you need…

  • Content that talks about how you solve their specific problems
  • Client testimonials of how you have helped others solve those same problems
  • A strong call to action “above the fold”
  • An attention grabbing headline that explains a specific benefit and let’s them know they are in the right spot.
  • Simple navigation and a CLEAR path of what action to take next.
  • Lead Capture Forms on every page (hooked to a email sequence)
  • Make your phone numbers HUGE

I suggest you have a landing page for each of the services you offer, with a specific call to action.

I suggest you get their contact info as soon as you can.  However, they probably do not want to give it you you because they don’t trust you (yet.)

They key is to bribe them to give you their email address.  Give them something they really want in exchange for their email address.

Can you give them a free ebook or PDF document with more information they would find valuable and then have that automatically emailed once they request it?

It’s gotta be something valuable or they won’t want it.   People are very skeptical, they don’t trust companies.  So, it must be something they really want and would find valuable, and when they get it, it has to live up to their expectations.  If not, they won’t give you their trust, they will promptly unsubscribe from your list, and you will have lost a potential new client.

So what does your prospect really want to know from you?  What questions are they thinking?   What are their objections to doing business with you?  What can you educate them on that would set you up as an expert (authority) and move them closer to hiring you or buying from you?

Are they looking for…

  • Your schedule?   Your pricing?  Knowledge?
  • A “how to” guide?
  • A checklist?
  • Video instruction series?
  • Test, a quiz or a survey?
  • Online training course?
  • Mailed package?

Lead Capture
Start building a list of interested prospects by having an Opt-In box on every page.  It is vitally important that you have a captive audience to market to at will.  If you are not capturing leads, you will have no audience to make sales to.

I created my first website in 1996 for my small business.  Back then all I had to do was put a “Contact Us” form on the page and we received a few leads everyday.

Now, we have to be more creative.

Today we create content to use as an ethical bribe to trade for their email address.  Content that our prospects will find very valuable and helpful.  It can be a free video series, a one page task list, a coupon code, or a PDF document.  A martial arts school may have a seven page report on how to build their child’s self confidence.  An attorney may offer “3 Things Every Business Plan Must Have.”

Prospect Nurturing Sequence
Now that you are starting to build a list of prospects, it’s important that you create a sequence of emails to send to them over the next few days after they opt-in to nurture a relationship between you and them and aide in their decision to buy or hire you.

The biggest reason more website visitors do not buy from you is because they lack trust in your ability to help them.

This is not your fault.

Your potential clients have been bombarded with ads and emails and phone calls all over promising huge benefits if they act now and spend their cash.

They suffer from information overload everywhere they go.

You must separate yourself from the chaos and noise by building trust and a relationship with your ideal customer.  You must nurture that relationship.

You probably have heard that people buy from business owners they know, like and trust.

It’s true.

Your primary task is to get them to know you, create likability and trust.

How can you create this?

It starts at your website, it must offer the information your ideal future clients are seeking, it must answer their hidden fears, it must build your authority as the one who can help them.

Your website must get them to take action to call or request more of your content.

The secret to building trust
Once you have their email address, we can now start to send out a sequence of emails that will start building authority and trust.

When they enter their email address and request your free content, you should send them a link to a landing page that has a video of you going over the free content and a link to download the content.

You would they know that it would be easier to just create an automatically sent email with the free content attached, however, by sending them an automatic email with a link to a landing page, you can talk about why the content is so valuable to them, and even go over each part of the content, almost like you are reading it to them.

Seems like a lot of work, right?

Imagine this…  Your future client is on your website, they think you can help them, they see a free document on how to solve an issue they have been having, they request the free document, they start searching google for other companies that could possible solve their issue.

They check their email, they click your link, it takes them to your video of you talking in depth about how you will help them, it build your authority, they see your personality, they start to get to know you, they start liking you.

I prefer video, however, you can also have an article with pictures explaining how to use the downloadable content as well.

Can you build enough likability, authority and trust in one email?   Yes.

Some will take action and want to call you, chat with you to move to the next level.

However, some people are not ready yet, so we continue the series of emails and videos.

The next day we send them another link to another landing page that has another video with another download.  This gives them more valuable content and pushes the future client towards making the decision to hire you.

You can keep this sequence going for as long as my as you can.  Each email nudges them towards the sale.  Each landing page builds your authority.

In my vast experience with over 1700 businesses, you will at least want to create five emails, with five landing pages.

The first email will provide the downloadable content via a landing page.  The content of the landing page will be about how to best use the free content you provided them AND introduce yourself and how you are uniquely qualified to help them.

In that first landing page, you can also let them know you have another email and more information coming tomorrow so they have something to look forward to and increase your chances of them opening your email.

The call to action.
In each of your email nurture sequences you need to have a call to action (CTA) to take.

This call to action moves them down a path to hire you.

How do you want them to start the process?

  • Call you?
  • Buy something?
  • Book a service?
  • Schedule an appointment?
  • Request a call?

It’s best to have a direct link in your emails and on your landing pages to take that action.

If it is to call you or schedule a call, have them click a link to a simple form to request the call.  They enter their name and phone and click a simple button.   Make sure your website is set up to deliver that request to your email and to your mobile phone as a text message so you can call immediately.  Your chances of getting a new client if you respond within 30 minutes.  Your chances rapidly go down after an hour.

If you prefer to schedule an appointment, use an online appointment software like UpLevel to automate the appointment process.   UpLevel makes it one click easy to schedule an appointment, the easier it is for your future client to book the appointment, the more appointments and ultimately more new clients you acquire.

If you want your future client to buy a product or service, create an easy online invoice or create a landing page to sell that item.  UpLevel has landing pages and checkout pages built in to the software so you could have them buy directly from your landing page or email with a click of a link.

Having your contacts in an all in one CRM like UpLevel makes it easy to set up your email sequences that lead them to a landing page that asks them to purchase or book an appointment without buying multiple packages or having to duplicate your contacts in multiple software suites.  Having one app do this is a huge time saver, easier and more cost effective.

Landing Page

A Landing Page is a simple web site page that only has the information on what you are promoting in your business marketing.  Typically a website will list all of the features and benefits of a company.  To contract that, a Landing Page is a highly focused page on one topic AND a Call To Action.  The call to action will be to gain an opt-in, schedule an appointment or to ask for a sale.

Checkout Page / Sales Page

A Sales Page is similar to a Landing Page that you can actually make a sale using a credit card.  I like to have a few testimonials of people who have already purchaced  and a brief description of what they are buying.

Follow Up Sequence

Once you have successfully converted a website visitor into a paying client, now we can create a client nurturing sequence.  Similar to a Prospect Nurture Sequence we discussed above, a new client nurture sequence will help new clients feel comfortable with their new purchase.

Send them a series of emails that will teach them more about their purchase, what they can expect, what they need to do and anything that will help you make their experience a positive one.

Once you have delivered the service, or product, create another nurture sequence to ask for referrals and online reviews.  Provide a link they can go to to refer you to their friends very easily, as well as add some links directly to online review sites for your company to make it easy for them to create their review.

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