25 Ways To Drive More Visitors To Your Website

25 Ways To Drive More Visitors To Your Website

The more website traffic we have to our website, the greater chance we have of growing our prospect list and in turn generating revenue.

More Visitors = More Opportunities For Growth

Before we talk about getting more traffic, there are a few things you must do to prepare before the flood of new traffic arrives.  If you have 1,000 new website visitors, but have no clear path for them to take once they get to your site, all of your hard work getting them to your site is wasted.  They simply bounce.

You have about 8 seconds or less to engage your website visitors once they are on your website.  You must capture their attention, then get them to take action.

So before you start blogging, or buying Facebook ads to drive traffic to your site, we need to have five things in place…

  • Engaging Website
  • Clear Call To Action
  • Way to capture contact information
  • A way to follow-up with your new leads (preferably automated)
  • A CRM to organize and keep track of your new leads for better follow-up

Once you have the foundation in place, now is the time to start driving more visitors to your website.

Here is a growing list of ways to drive more traffic your website:

  1. Make Sure Your Site Is Optimized (Responsive, FAST)
  2. On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Google Adwords
  5. LinkedIn Ads
  6. Twitter Ads
  7. Produce Content / Start Blogging
  8. Promote Your Content On Social Media
  9. Create a Community, Become Valuable to your target audience
  10. Blogging for Others As Guest Blog
  11. Create Your Own Podcast or Audio Interviews
  12. Create Video Content and Post to Vimeo and YouTube
  13. Email Marketing
  14. Automated Email Sequences
  15. Become Active On Social Media, answer questions in groups
  16. Host Live Events / Webinars / Online Seminars
  17. Attend Events / Network With Others
  18. Capture more attention by writing better headlines and email subject lines
  19. Repurpose your existing content: make transcriptions of your videos to create a blog with, take your mass emails and create blog posts, audio record your blog post for use in a podcast, email links to your blog post to your subscriber base.
  20. Post content to LinkedIn
  21. Interview Industry Leaders, create an audio and printed recording of it, put it on your blog
  22. Start your own Facebook group, share your value with them, post valuable content and link it to your website
  23. Trade banner ads with other complimentary websites
  24. Use Google Analytics to see where your existing traffic is comping from and try to optimize those traffic sources
  25. In your social media profiles, add your website links
  26. Make sure your website URL is on your business cards, letterhead, front door, in your email signatures, on your flyers, printed ads, schedules, billboards.  Anything that is printed, have a link.
  27. Put your website address in your voicemail recorded message

Make sure your website has been submitted to the search engines.

Make sure your website is found on all the major search engines by submitting your site.  Here are the links and information you need to get properly indexed:


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